A dark, modern re-telling of the mythological character CUPID. In this film he is portrayed as a small, tattooed man who sells love named Q. His clientele are regular people who suffer from loneliness, and desire love. Once Q is paid, he then shoots the target with a love dart causing them to fall instantly in love with the person. One night Jason, a desperate young man, goes to Q to get his ex-girlfriend back. Unfortunately, this time Q makes a mistake and shoots the wrong girl. That’s when things get complicated…

TSFF laurels HHF LAUREL for Q

IHSFF Laurel









Adventures of OwenAdventures of Owen

Our most notable short film is the award winning “Adventures of Owen”. It incorporated both live action and animation in a short story about a boy and the day-to-day obstacles he faces with school and family. The story contrasts both his personal life, and his imaginary world that he creates with the gift of animation and sketch. The film was screened in numerous countries around the globe including USA, Korea, Taiwan, India and more. Watch Trailer Here
Deluxe Student Film Award 2010
Deluxe Student Film Award 2010





Stick it to the Man, Man!

Stick it to the Man

A hilarious comedy about two cops with polar opposite qualities who are assigned to solve a case. It blends film noir, with 70’s exploitation to create this ridiculous roller coaster ride of laughs. The film was shot, edited and animated in only 48 hours as part of Toronto’s popular 48 Film Challenge. The film won an award for Best Editing. Watch Movie Here