The Bleeding Diamond

Reel Wolf Presents

J.O. the Last Man in
“The Bleeding Diamond”

A short film/music video following the life of a single diamond, and all the characters it meets.

The song is available on J.O. the Last Man’s album “The Mushroom Chronicles, Pt. VI”.

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Video Credits:

Directed by: Delaney Siren & Tom Vujcic
Executive Producer: Lukasz Furczon
Associate Producer: J.F. Martin
Cinematography: Delaney Siren
1st AC: Dave Stuart
Colorist: A.J. Maclauchin
Production Assistants: Julien Dos Santos & Amir Radi

Matt Wilde
Sophie Nulli
J.F. Martin
Sean Browne
Victor Reyes
Lesley Lindsay
& Joseph Thomson as
“The Devil”

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